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About Us

We are Indigenous and non-Indigenous women following the drum circle teachings of Community Elder Jean Becker, who began this group in 2003.


We have been taught to follow the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. These are the values of:



















These teachings guide us in our relationships with ourselves and each other and they help guide us towards living our lives in a balanced way.


Our drum group reflects a sweetgrass teaching. One blade of sweetgrass by itself is not very strong. It can break easily. When several blades of sweetgrass are braided together, the sweetgrass is strong and cannot easily be broken. The singing and drumming helps us to find the strength to keep going. A woman may feel reluctant and not have the confidence to lead a song, but she gives it a try because she knows that the others will be there to pick up the song if she falters. That song will be carried on, just as we all must carry on with our lives, no matter what. Just as the braided sweetgrass is strong, our "knowing" that we have the strength and support of one another helps us to carry on.

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