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Bridging Communities Through Song

There is a long history of colonization and attempts to assimilate Indigenous people into mainstream society. These attempts have weakened Indigenous people from within and have resulted in devastating disruptions and/or loss of their Indigenous identities, knowledge of cultural traditions, language and family and community roles and responsibilities.

Despite these atrocities, many Indigenous people are reclaiming their heritage and are making strong strides in this endeavour. Not only does there need to be healing for Indigenous people but also in the relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. This event is an opportunity to build those relationships. Sharing songs with one another is a way of finding common ground and building relationships with All Our Relations.

Bridging Communities Through Song is a yearly event that began in 2012 as an effort at building these bridges of friendship and reconciliation. Over the years we have partnered with many other groups and organizations for this event, including:

Waterloo Regional Police Male Chorus

Kim and Rajan Anderson

Cambridge Girls' Choir

Laurier Singers' Chamber Choir

Susan Aglukark

Rachel lee Cousineau
Eastwood Treble Chorus
Wasauksing Nimkiibenesii Dewehgan Traditional Drum

Rainbow Chorus of Waterloo-Wellington

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