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Bridging Communities Through Song







Mino Ode Kwewak N'Gamowak

B-G Diamonds and Gold

Pauline Moon

John Somosi

Catherine Dallaire

Leon Fleury

Northern Lites Painting & Decorating Inc.

Patti Dempster/Salish Expressions

Jennifer Brown

Kelly Laurila

Al McDonald

Kitchener Rangers JRA Hockey Club

Irvine Robinson Interiors

Klaus Becker

Vicky Lucas

Pamela Maguiresmith

A & D Enterprises

Hope Engel

Raised Edge

Mim Harder

Laurie Minor

Roshi Bourassa/Traumahawk Jewelry

Dwane F. Wanner

Honouring Our Donors


Over the years, we have been fortunate to have numerous individuals, groups, and businesses donate towards our various initiatives, benefits and fundraisers. We would like to acknowledge our gracious donors for their generosity towards not only us, but to the community. Below you can browse photos of many of the beautiful items we have been given that have been available for auction at events in the past, or will be available at upcoming events.

Benefit for Attawapiskat

May 10th, 2016




Vicky Lucas

Loreena McKennitt

B-G Diamonds and Gold

Karen Craig Toth

Catherine Dallaire

Laurie Minor

Ken Szew

John Somosi

Diane Turner


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